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It’s Vitamin C Serum Heaven!!!!
Verified Purchase

This product arrived today and I immediately dropped what I was doing and put some on my hand..it was so smooth and silky and absorbed so fast I just HAD to try it on my face. It didn't let me down on performance there either!!! It's light and smells very gentle and it went on like a perfect silky layer of air...but I knew it was there and I knew it was working!!!! All day long I kept glancing in the mirror to see how my face was drinking this in and responding and I have to say...it never left any red blotches. I wasn't itchy and I sure wasn't feeling a burning sensation that some other products made me to feel!!! So I'm going to keep using this little dynamo in a bottle...I'm happy with my initial results and impressions of the Clinical Strength Vitamin C elixir of the Gods!!!

Blue Lake Skin Care: Five Stars *****
Verified Purchase

Highly satisfied with this product, I take good care of my skin and watch what I eat but ever since I've started using this product I receive a great deal of compliments about my skin at my job and wherever else I go, I would definitively recommend it! I use it everyday in the morning and at nighttime before going to bed along with my usual moisturizer. It's not gelatinous like other similar products so it absorbs quickly and it does the job wonderfully. I've been using it for 3 weeks and already my skin has improved and I am buying it again. Yes, I am highly satisfied with this serum!:)

Really Good Serum
Verified Purchase

My skin has been clearer since I've been using this serum. I would have fairly minor breakouts that I think are hormone related. One bottle has lasted me a couple of months. It absorbs really well and no oily feeling. No scent that I am aware of and I have allergies to some smells. Very happy with it and just ordered a second bottle.

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Thanks To The Bees And The Flowers And The Trees!!

Hydrated Skin is Happy Skin